Survive and Thrive -
B2B Marketing Strategies to Position
Your Company for Growth

The Quake Marketing Group has been developing B2B marketing for more than 20 years. During that time our team has worked through some difficult economic times. We have the experience to help industrial and manufacturing brands cope with the most difficult circumstances. Whether the goal is protect your brand or to position your company for growth – we are here to help.

There is not a single marketing strategy that works for every company. We have created a guide to help you navigate the difficult economic situation and prepare yourself for for growth in the future.

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Want To Know More?

A marketing strategy cannot succeed in isolation. Market factors and economic indicators drive industry global trade and purchasing. We have carefully assembled a list of key economic indicators for North America that will help signal companies and marketers when to make a move and where the world stands when it comes to the recession.

The status of the pandemic is the number one factor when when considering the condition of the global economy. Our COVID-19 dashboard provides critical charts and information to consider when tracking the health of the Canadian, US and global economies. 

Click here for the latest and most important COVID-19 trends and charts.

Economics isn’t for everyone.

However, as a marketer or business owner in a recession a basic understanding of key economic indicators can help when it comes to developing marketing strategy. 

Click here to visit our Economic Indicators dashboard. This list provides the latest numbers and an brief explanation of how each is used to measure the state of the economies for Canada and the United States.

Our Live Market Data dashboard gives you a glimpse into the real-time numbers of  key stocks, commodities, currencies and market indicators that could signal a change in the economic condition.

Live market data provided by TradingView.

What Is A Services Recession?

While we all try to adapt to our new, volatile economic reality, many experts are identifying this as the first ever “Services Recession”. Services including restaurant wait staff, hairdressers, drivers and other related industries make up just under 50% of the U.S. workforce. 

These service jobs, by definition, require human interaction. In previous recessions product-based businesses may slow down but ramp up as the economy recovers, generating a spike in revenue that fill in the gap created by the downturn. Service-based revenue lost during the crisis will never be made up.

Want to learn more? Download your FREE copy of Survive and Thrive – B2B Marketing Strategies to Position Your Company for Growth in a Recession today.

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